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Most jobs get filled through our existing applicant database and do not get posted online. Join our talent pool to find the perfect position for you!

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These days, working in the manufacturing industry is more than just working on an assembly line. There is no shortage of jobs and functions that require a range of skill sets.

If you're searching for your big why -- here's three:

The Freedom to Navigate 

Automatic Staffing makes a more flexible lifestyle possible. When you tell us about who you are and where you excel, we place you in a position where you are challenged and rewarded at every turn. Whether you need temporary or permanent placement, we have your back.

Build More Than Parts –– Build a Career

Forge the future of modern American manufacturing. We work with top brands to connect job seekers with more than just jobs. Find a rewarding career today in the manufacturing industry where you can grow and thrive.

Preserve American Industry 

Once dominant, the American manufacturing industry is back on the rise. Automatic Staffing gives you the opportunity to work for America's most iconic brands on American soil to keep driving America's most legendary industry forward.

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  • Administrative
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  • Maintenance
  • Welding
  • Shipping
  • Quality
  • Material Handling
  • Human Resources

Your Future: Rerouted

You have the upper hand in the job market. Take every advantage.

Today, employees like you want more than just a job. They crave a career: somewhere where they can build, conquer, and speed down the fast lane to a more stable and satisfying future. As technology and innovation advance the way we work, there's an increased demand for nimble minds to drive our economy forward.

If you're looking for a field that's both tech-driven and hands-on, versatile yet long-established, and possesses an unrivaled industry outlook, look no further.

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